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In 2017, with overwhelming support, we moved Chipeta Mountain from a lower sub peak to the true13,472-foot summit of the mountain. In October 2017, we held the first annual Chipeta Rising Celebration in Salida, Colorado. Now we are working on the Mountain Heritage Park (MHP). The proposed Mountain Heritage Park (MHP) will highlight and celebrate the rich cultural and natural history of Salida's mountain heritage. For more information on the project complete the information below and we will add you to the Chipeta Mountain Project mailing list.



The Chipeta Mountain Project has taken on all the expenses of launching this cause. If you would like to contribute we welcome your donations. Chipeta Mountain is NOT a 501(c)3 nor a nonprofit which can offer a tax deductible donation at this time. 


The Chipeta Mountain Project can use your help in a variety of ways; sharing the website or info from our Facebook page, assistance with our upcoming Chipeta Rising Celebration, and our continued work of reconciliation for the indigenous peoples of the Upper Arkansas River Valley.